Comprehensive approach to physical therapy that transcends traditional rehabilitation

Mission Statement

Next Level Sports Physical Therapy takes a radical approach to physical therapy that goes beyond traditional rehabilitation. Our approach was born from the belief that patients and clients, young or old, of any skill level, deserve to live an active life. To us, it is fundamental that we develop long-term relationships and build a genuine community of active people who share the same goals of whole body health and fitness.  Our philosophy comes down to three words: MOVE. EXCEL. INSPIRE. Through individualized therapy and conditioning, we work with our patients and clients to help them MOVE correctly, painlessly, and skillfully. Our strengthening, conditioning, and performance coaching help them EXCEL to the next level of their sport and other pursuits. Finally, as our patients and clients reach their aspirations, we encourage them to INSPIRE others along the way to set new goals and reach for higher heights. In addition, the best sports rehabilitation professional for an active and athletic population is the clinical athlete: a healthcare provider who engages in an active or athletic lifestyle. Our team of clinical athletes love to move, excel, and inspire. They participate regularly in physical activities ranging from general fitness to triathlons to Spartan races. Whether you are seeking treatment for an injury or want a partner in performance coaching, we walk alongside you on your journey to your next level.