Specialized care for children and adolescents

Pediatric Physical Therapy

Pediatric Physical Therapy

Physical “disabilities”

Children with specialized needs require a specialized practice. At Next Level, we work with children of all ages and abilities to provide in depth and supportive care. Our patients include infants, toddlers, and kids with physical challenges, such as cerebral palsy (spastic diplegia), Down syndrome, gross motor delays, and brain injuries. We provided pediatric rehabilitation as well as focused pediatric physical fitness.

Youth athletics

Young athletes with developing bodies face unique challenges when it comes to sports. This is why they require specialized physical therapists who can both work to rehabilitate them after an injury and partner with their coaches to provide ongoing developmental support. Next Level is highly knowledgeable in the specialized field of pediatric physical therapy and brings a wealth of experience in working with the pediatric population and youth athletes to heal and recondition them in the wake of a physical injury.

With Next Level, you get a primary physical therapy clinic as well as a partner in your child’s gross motor development or athletic support team. We add a crucial component to the team of coaches, schools, parents, and other healthcare professionals, ensuring your child is healthy and able to perform at his or her highest level.